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Francis Scott Key Auditorium

11:30 AM



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Emcees, TEDxStJohnsCollege

12:00 PM


Avi Kumar and Ece Tuglu


President, St. John's College

12:10 PM

Opening Address

Pano Kanelos


Sophomore, St. John's College

12:30 PM

Ancient Rage, Modern Love 

Jakob Garvey

Beginning from the opening lines of the Iliad, Jakob will dial the clock back to Ancient Greece. He will explore rage, love, and why they are so related.

Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, U.S. Department of State

1:00 PM

Reclaiming Intuition

Roger Carstens

In his grand defense of intuition, Roger will draw from his experiences in Afghanistan and Somalia and will leave us thinking beyond the battlefield.

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1:15 PM



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Senior Network Manager, St. John's College

2:05 PM

The Data We Cannot See

Justin Horm

Big Data poses big privacy problems for the world, most of them unknown to us. Justin will urge us to reconsider our relationship with technology and build a firewall for ourselves.

Freshman, St. John's College

2:20 PM

Another Dimension of Time

Sylvie McKnight-Milles

In her exploration of fundamental questions in quantum physics, Sylvie will take us on an journey through the quantum realm with her two photon-friends, Alice and Bob.

Junior, St. John's College

2:50 PM

Photography and Depression

Héctor Andrés Poveda Morales

Hector will discuss overcoming depression by making conceptual art. As a photographer, he realized that he could use his art to express his negative emotions in a positive way.

Senior, St. John's College

3:25 PM

On Gendered Sports

Nancy Hilton

Who is a skillful athlete? Are sports inherently competitive? What makes for an uneven playing field? Nancy unpacks these questions while calling for an end to gender separation in sport.

Sophomore, St. John's College

3:35 PM

Runway Philosophers

Chris Liu

How can we reconcile fashion and philosophy when philosophers aim to look beyond physical appearance? Chris will point us to an inherent thoughtfulness and purpose in fashion for answers.

Director, XYZ Studios

3:50 PM

Mapping Emotional Experiences

Jennifer Chenoweth

Jennifer will draw from her dual background in art and science to answer pressing questions about our relationship with the self and the physical world.

And onward!

4:05 PM


Refuel + Recharge


Freshman, St. John's College

4:45 PM

The Power of Discipline

Ian Hedley

A world mired in distractions could be saved by ordering the individual, believes Ian. He will build a case for reflection, correction, and discipline

Founder, The Living Water School

5:00 PM

African-Americans and Great Books

Anika Prather

Anika will discuss how Africans in America became African-Americans through education. She will focus on self-liberation and emergence from slavery through the Sudbury model and classical education.

Emcees, TEDxStJohnsCollege

5:15 PM

Closing Remarks

Avi Kumar and Ece Tuglu





January 18, 2020


Francis Scott Key Auditorium,

St. John's College,

60 College Ave,

Annapolis, MD


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